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what i write

I'm grateful for every opportunity I get to develop brand strategy and creative content for companies, clients, and nonprofits. I also enjoy writing freelance on faith, culture, tech, and basketball.

Go to my MEDIUM account to peruse stuff I've written and content I've created.

Go to my personal "carrd" to learn more about me, my favorites, and whether I'm actually Batman.

#faith #bible #FinTech #blockchain #crypto #DeFi #web3 #AI #SEC #basketball


what they say

"Jason is a very pragmatic content writer...He’s really great at pivoting quickly, managing expectations, and can turn things around quickly when necessary."

–Feroz Lakhani, Senior Partnerships Lead with

"From marketing to copywriting and technology, he's a trailblazer, a visionary leader shaping innovation and change."

-Lee Steffen, founder of


how may I serve you?

With 2 decades as a creative and technical copywriter as well as published author, I'm an immediate value-add to your team, no matter what industry you're in or cause you care about.

I can provide copy for creative narratives, technical information, educational instruction, SEO, websites, ads, PRs, social media, blogs, emails, scripts, books, ebooks, and more.


the write stuff

I don't always get the analytics on the content I write, but here are some of the best results from recent years:

:: an EMAIL campaign: 24% subscriber list growth, 37% average open rate (ORs), and 12.5% average click-through rate (CTR)

:: a SOCIALS and WEB campaign: 5x user visits, 7x user engagement duration, 30x user views on blog, and 70K+ engagements on the related Twitter Thread

faith. tech. economy.


REconomy is me trying my best to explain faith and FinTech via podcast and YouTube.

sec basketball

Southern HOOPSitality

Sharing some thoughts on college basketball in the Southeast, with special attention to the conference most other conferences envy.


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